Sunday, December 2, 2012


2012 has been an incredible year of running.  Many of my wonderful experiences are described in other posts, but beyond what is expressly written here, 2012 was my introduction to ultra running, to the ultra running community and to the SoCal Coyotes.  It is a year I'll never forget and which I know cannot be replicated, nor should it be.  Next year will be different, not better and hopefully not worse -- just different.

Besides having a great time, I had a number of great races, including my fifth decade of sub-three hour marathons, my first sub-three at the Pikes Peak Ascent and my best ever finish at Mt. Baldy.  Towards the end of this year I willfully tested my own limits, and boy did I ever find them.  I overtrained and over raced.   At the end of November, I tried to run under 6:30 at the JKF 50, and then come back to run the tough Red Rock 50 just eight days later.  The results were predictable, a crash at 31 miles at JFK and a DNF at Red Rock.  I'm thoroughly exhausted but apparently escaped with nothing worse than a bone bruise on my big toe.  A fitting end to the year.

Now it is time to rest for the month of December.  I'll let that toe heal, let the rest of my body regenerate, and get my head back into running.  Should be ready to go again on January 1, 2013.

Thanks to my fellow SoCal Coyotes, including but by no means limited to Jack Rosenfeld, Jimmy Dean Freeman, Kate Martini Freeman, Marshall Howland, Brian Fuerst, Dave and Nicole Chan, Cassidy Case, Will Sipes, Tiffany Guerra, Simren Dulai, Helen Wu, Erin Chavin, Kim Elliot, Amy Berkin-Chavez, Josh Spector, Meganne Kanatani, Andee Torng and Alison Chavez.   You made this the best year ever, and I cannot thank you enough!