Monday, April 27, 2015

Lake Sonoma 50M

The Lake Sonoma 50M is a classic ultra running event, with first class race organization and a first class field.  The beautiful course may not have any major climbs, but neither does it have any flat ground.  Instead, it rolls up and down, around the lake, for 50 miles.  I rate the course about an hour slower than the Avalon 50M course.

I had a tough day at Lake Sonoma.  I finished in 10:38, more than two and one half hours slower than I ran in Avalon this January. Nevertheless, that performance was probably as good as I could have done on that day. 

I will take home two lessons from Lake Sonoma.  First, my stress level is the most important factor in how I perform on race day.  I have been dealing with some stressful stuff recently; hopefully, it is finally going to end soon, and I will not have another race like this. Of course, there will always be stress in my life, and I have to work harder to address how I react to it.

Second, it is ok to have days like that.  I got myself out there, and ran as best as I could under the circumstances, even though I felt lousy and would have rather stayed home.  I need to learn to accept that, and not worry so much about my times.  The next race, West Highland Way, will be much better.

The Finish Line: It's good to have a friend on a tough day